1. Account Opening, log-in or registration not necessary 📪❌On bit4coin you need to open an account – you might make Bitcoin codes simply without registration now. You must log for undertake nothing, and you need also to remember a password: Just enter your name, address and phone number when ordering, and choose your desired amount for which you want to purchase Bitcoin codes. Bitcoin code purchase as easy as online shopping, or a pizza order !

2. Stable value to you using your Bitcoin codes 💎
You choose the amount in euros for which you want to purchase Bitcoin codes. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a Bitcoin code vouchers as a text message on your mobile phone. The good thing: Your order is above protected Bitcoin code exchange rate fluctuationsuntil you redeem your voucher. On redemption, the current market exchange rate is then applied. If you want to get your Bitcoin codes quickly, you can immediately redeem – but if you want to use your Bitcoin codes later, your value remains stable. A 100 € voucher is always worth 100 € until you redeem it.
3. Transparent Bitcoin code exchange rate 📈
The current Bitcoin code exchange rate is 1 BTC = 12,689.76 € . The exchange rate on bit4coin.net based on the market average of Ask-rateBitcoin codeaverage.com . This ensures that you will receive a current, fair and reliable Bitcoin code exchange rate at any time, no matter when you redeem your Bitcoin code voucher.
4. Learn and understand Bitcoin code in your own pace 💺🚀
Comes out the issue at the beginning of Bitcoin code complicated before? We understand you well, the first steps are not easy. Therefore, we have the processes designed for bit4coin so that they are easy to understand for beginners and novices Bitcoin code. To buy your first Bitcoin codes, you have nothing about Bitcoin code know: Just choose your desired amount between 25 and 500 € for which you want to purchase Bitcoin codes, and pay your order. Once get honest opinions and ratings about bitcoin code you have received the Bitcoin code vouchers, we show you how you can open a Bitcoin code wallet and how you aufbewahrst your Bitcoin codes. And if you want to learn something about Bitcoin code in advance, we have a compiled overview for you .
5. bit4coin was founded in 2013 and has more than 40,000 satisfied customers 💫
If you want to buy Bitcoin codes, you should be sure to buy from an experienced and trusted provider. bit4coin has since 2013 successfully in Bitcoin code Business active and has been from an experienced team founded background in banking, consulting and IT. More than 40,000 satisfied customers rely bit4coin at their regular Bitcoin code purchases. And many have received their first Bitcoin code at bit4coin!

How can I buy bit4coin Bitcoin codes?

First choose a Bitcoin code voucher:

  1. Choose your desired price, supply your contact information and choose your payment method in the order above.
  2. Follow the steps to complete the payment. For bank-transfer methods (sepa and international), the payment vera let yourself go to your bank, for example. Example by means of online banking. Do you have to send the necessary information when you have completed the order (IBAN, BIC purpose). The other methods just follow the instructions of the payment provider.
  3. Once we have reached your payment, we will send your coupon code via SMS to your mobile , and you’re ready to go!

To get the Bitcoin codes, then go to redeem and carry your name, e-mail, Bitcoin code wallet address and your coupon code. If you still have no Bitcoin code Wallet address, you can under Bitcoin code.org/de/waehlen-sie-ihre-wallet Bitcoin code wallet providers find where you can create a free Bitcoin code Wallet. Once you have then redeemed your voucher, we will send you within 1 hour. The Bitcoin codes to your wallet address.

5 payment options give you flexibility

To make the Bitcoin code purchase as simple as possible for you, we offer different payment options:

  • Sepa bank transfer . This is the standard transfer method in Europe and available in all European countries so that especially in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. A bank account at any bank in any country in Europe allows Sepa payments. Sepa payments only work in euros, but if you will transfer from a European country with a currency other than Euro (eg Swiss francs in Switzerland, CHF), the bank will automatically change the amount by.
  • shopueberweisung.de . Store Payment is available english homepage to customers from Austria and Germany and allows fast, easy and safe with the online banking access (PIN and TAN) to pay, similar to instant transfer. There are almost all banks in Austria and Germany supported, and a variety of TAN procedure such as SMS-TAN, chip TAN or iTAN (TAN-list).
  • TrustPay . TrustPay is a popular online payment method in Northern and Eastern Europe. You can Bitcoin code with TrustPay in the following 16 countries and buy 10 currency areas: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey. Unless you have an account with a bank in one of the countries, you can pay via online banking immediately.
  • Online Bank Transfer of skrill . Online Bank Transfer provides a convenient payment option for online banking customers in Spain, France and Italy.
  • International bank transfer . If your bank is outside Europe, or use a currency other than euros and does not show you Sepa payments, you can „International Bank Transfer“ choose as a payment method. Once we have reached the amount, we will send your Bitcoin code-coupon via SMS!